United Arab Emirates map decorated by the flag and other shots.

Arabic Coffee: the art of hospitability.

The man is in traditional costume.

Alain city: greeny in the heart of an oasis located in the heart of the desert.

Being non-coastal with low humidity made it to be the favorite for the ruling family.

Aqua recreational center in Dubai.

Another giant attraction in beautiful country.

Emarians relied on this kind of boat for fishing and pearl industries, for centuries before the oil. This boat is a local production-U.A.E. famous for.

Two-Emarians-boys in traditional costume playing.

Emirates has long coasts spread on the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian sea.

Arabic style castle's tower.

Several similar attractions still exist and in good shape.

Culture map.

Traditional dances.

A falcon. Falconing is is one of the U.A.E. unique traditions.  It is famous and prestigious sport.

Rich wild life in U.A.E.

Emarian girls in tradional costumes.

Locally made boat in the U.A.E. bright-blue-waters.

Dubai-U.A.E.: highest towers in Europe and Middle East.

Other headlines news in Arabic.

The beautiful desert:   an ocean of sand.

Naturally clean

Ministry of Trade and Industry in Abu-Dhabi.

Other headlines news in Arabic.

Abu-Dhabi, the capital of U.A.E

A jungle of fancy towers.