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With over 25 years experience in the GCC markets our team of in-house consultants are accomplished in providing expert advice ranging from market penetration and implementation strategies to strategic human resource management for both regional and international clients.  

Market research is a key element in determining suitability and potential before entering into any new market, even more so in markets where financial transparency is either non-existent or limited, making it is hard to ascertain company stability and market share. This factor becomes vitally important when looking for an agent to represent your company’s products or services. With a range of Middle Eastern companies competing to win exclusive agency agreements in their respective markets, it has proven desirable for Gamma to produce tailor made market-research reports for a substantial number of clients. These reports are compiled by the consultancy team and offer unbiased information on relevant subject matters as agreed with the client i.e.listing the key players in each market sector as well as listing the majority of their clientele; in-depth market analysis; recommendations. This information can then be used to develop a marketing and/or market penetration/implementation strategy. The benefits of such services will greatly reduce the client’s exposure to risk, as well as saving vast amounts of time and money.

Another important element of Gamma’s management consultancy services is our extensive knowledge related to up-and-coming projects and the subsequent posting of tenders and strategies for how to win them.

  • Market Penetration Strategy
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Tender Documentation Review & Appraisal
  • Regional office/start-up advice
  • Feasibility Studies

Gamma’s systems development division sources internationally approved market leaders with expertise in providing training and consultancy.  

The programs offered are value added, innovative new fields, providing organizations with the knowledge to understand, develop, implement and maintain the systems in the workplace by taking a systematic approach through vocational and theoretical course elements to develop the Human Resource to the optimum level of competency.   

The following is a brief into each area of expertise, full pre-qualification documents will be provided upon request:  

Quality Systems: Gamma can provide Quality Assurance (ISO standards) training and consultancy, giving you the capability to develop, monitor and continuously improve your management systems through the Japanese Kaizen approach.  

Work Environment Systems: A growing area of expertise in the field of Ergonomics - teaching techniques for increasing employee health, satisfaction, motivation and efficiency.  

Work Competence Systems: With the increase of GCC member countries adopting various nationalization programs, especially in the Oil & Gas sector, our Competence Assurance Management Systems (C.A.M.S.) are specifically designed to increase the rate and efficiency of implementation.


Due to the labour market forces in the UAE and GCC, Gamma realized the need for establishing a professional and reliable entity, capable of sourcing Human Resource from the sub-continent, including India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.  

Having representative offices in these regions, including an extensive database of existing Human Resource, we are capable of providing various levels of expertise to match your requirements.  


PR is everything in today’s fast changing business climate. To stand out from the crowd one must be innovative, our clients realize this and take a proactive approach by utilizing our Media & Promotions division to put across their corporate message utilizing a wide range of media and an array of tailor-made corporate gift items to suit all requirements and budgets.  

  • Promotional gift items
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Image Building
  • Market Communications
  • For further details please contact our head office.

For large ordering requirements, a specialist team is available to negotiate on behalf of any client. Due to our vast international network and experience our sources are always reliable, experience and most of all competitive. Advice can also be given when purchasing such amounts as to the nature of the sales and purchase contracts, best payment and delivery terms available.